Moon Balance

pre order flyer frontWe have been happily mixing some beautiful potions for you lovelies…

Moon Balance has been designed with a powerful blend of super herbs and superfoods to help women feel balanced, energised and fully in control of their hormones and cycle.  Created to nourish feminine health thru all seasons of womanhood and increase girl power!

It contains some of the most potent plants for women’s wellbeing…

Raw Cacao…Elixir of Goddessess!….Uplifts the soul, improves circulation and increases concentration and so much more.  Contains a treasure of nutrients, the most
important for women’s wellbeing are Magnesium, Iron, anandamide (the Bliss
chemical), PEA (the Love chemical) and the feel good neurotransmitters serotonin
and tryptophan.

Shatavari…The root is considered the most prized nutritive tonic for the female reproductive system.  Increases milk production, nourishes and cleanses the blood and female reproductive organs, regulates the menstrual cycle, increases fertility and balances hormones.  It has an affinity with the mind, promoting memory and mental clarity.  It is calming, reduces  anxiety and increases resilience to stress. Shatavari is a prime herb for supporting the transition of menopause. Her name translates as ‘She who possesses a hundred husbands’ and energetically she is known as ‘the Power of the Mare’.

Ashwhaghanda…A wonderfully restorative tonic.  One of the best rejuvenative herbs for the mind upon which  it has a nourishing, calming and clarifying effect.  Promotes
deep and restful sleep.  It regenerates the hormonal system and is a tonic for reproductive tissue.  Like all good tonics it is known to be an aphrodisiac.

Gotu kola…A powerful rejuvenative nerve tonic.  This herb purifies the blood and stimulates the circulation making it ideal for keeping a free flow of energy around the
pelvic bowl.  It fortifies the immune system both cleansing and nourishing it as well as strengthening the adrenal glands.  It is revered for increasing intelligence, longevity, memory and calming the heart.

Nettle leaf…A true super herb and food!  Nettle contains an awesome quantity of
vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, neurotransmitters, and chlorophyll.  In fact, what it doesn’t contain or do in the body is not worth knowing! For women’s wellbeing it is the cornerstone of any herbal treatment.  Menstrual and
hormonal regulator, blood cleanser, adrenal tonic, blood fortifying, increasing fertility and lactation, mood enhancer, immune and energy tonic.

pre order moon balanceReclaim your natural feminine vitality thru the healing power of herbs…

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