Moon Balance

pre order flyer frontWe have been happily mixing some beautiful potions for you lovelies…

Moon Balance has been designed with a powerful blend of super herbs and superfoods to help women feel balanced, energised and fully in control of their hormones and cycle.  Created to nourish feminine health thru all seasons of womanhood and increase girl power!

It contains some of the most potent plants for women’s wellbeing…

Raw Cacao…Elixir of Goddessess!….Uplifts the soul, improves circulation and increases concentration and so much more.  Contains a treasure of nutrients, the most
important for women’s wellbeing are Magnesium, Iron, anandamide (the Bliss
chemical), PEA (the Love chemical) and the feel good neurotransmitters serotonin
and tryptophan.

Shatavari…The root is considered the most prized nutritive tonic for the female reproductive system.  Increases milk production, nourishes and cleanses the blood and female reproductive organs, regulates the menstrual cycle, increases fertility and balances hormones.  It has an affinity with the mind, promoting memory and mental clarity.  It is calming, reduces  anxiety and increases resilience to stress. Shatavari is a prime herb for supporting the transition of menopause. Her name translates as ‘She who possesses a hundred husbands’ and energetically she is known as ‘the Power of the Mare’.

Ashwhaghanda…A wonderfully restorative tonic.  One of the best rejuvenative herbs for the mind upon which  it has a nourishing, calming and clarifying effect.  Promotes
deep and restful sleep.  It regenerates the hormonal system and is a tonic for reproductive tissue.  Like all good tonics it is known to be an aphrodisiac.

Gotu kola…A powerful rejuvenative nerve tonic.  This herb purifies the blood and stimulates the circulation making it ideal for keeping a free flow of energy around the
pelvic bowl.  It fortifies the immune system both cleansing and nourishing it as well as strengthening the adrenal glands.  It is revered for increasing intelligence, longevity, memory and calming the heart.

Nettle leaf…A true super herb and food!  Nettle contains an awesome quantity of
vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, neurotransmitters, and chlorophyll.  In fact, what it doesn’t contain or do in the body is not worth knowing! For women’s wellbeing it is the cornerstone of any herbal treatment.  Menstrual and
hormonal regulator, blood cleanser, adrenal tonic, blood fortifying, increasing fertility and lactation, mood enhancer, immune and energy tonic.

pre order moon balanceReclaim your natural feminine vitality thru the healing power of herbs…

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Super charged for super women xxx


mighty green : the truth about nettles

I have nettle love…

yes,  i know they are naughty (one of it’s folk names is devil’s plaything) but try to think of the sting as sharply grabbing your attention, to wake up, a call to awareness.

this much maligned but misunderstood plant is really in disguise. veiled from our perception until we seek to really know.  then the truth is revealed: a super herb, super food, super hero. this ubiquitous wild plant not only nourishes and brings deep healing to the body and spirit, it also vitalizes and enlivens the earth.

being the richest source of vegetal protein, non haeme iron and a veritable treasure trove of nutrition.  containing significant quantities of calcium, iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, and potassium. and generous helpings of trace minerals : chromium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, silica, sodium as well as the vitamin B complex, vitamins D and K….wow, all this in what some call a weed?!

nettle flowers in june

the time for making glorious green velvet nettle soup has now passed but beyond midsummer that does not mean that the medicine stops too – seek out the hanging ribbons of seeds after flowering – a potent adrenal tonic and adaptogen, munch on a handful during your afternoon stroll and you’ll be sprinting home…all parts of the nettle are used therapeutically.  for wonderful posts on nettle medicine I urge you to visit whispering earth.

I call the nettle my plant of balance.  it manifests a strong gesture of creative cosmic force.  dreaming the ordering forces flowing downwards from above and unifying with the rising coherent life forces from below.  this essence of harmony infuses mind, heart and soul.

the root system is persistent, seemingly frenzied and omnipresent (try getting every single bit out of your allotment!).  yet from the fertile chaos it creates  nitrogen rich humus, bringing martian warmth to the soil.  re-introducing vigour and upward striving.

discover the compass like alignment of the leaf growth on the stem (phyllotaxis) : an immediate pattern of north, south then east, west.  a verdant medicine wheel.

nettle leaf margin

and the leaves themselves have an even toothed margin. with prominent veins implying a delightful symmetry. a precise pattern and contained energy.  most purposeful.

further observation unearths the square stem, commonplace in the mint family, and our intuition speaks of strength, grounded-ness, solid foundation.

Rudolph Steiner considered the nettle to be ‘the heart of the world’.  radiating full blooded individuality and mediating the balance in the soul between the inner and outer, an expression of wholeness.

is it no wonder this plant is almost universal?  this strong green medicine has much to teach us…

and the sting well that’s a whole other story!

next time…blood sister, moon mother: the mysteries of mugwort

seasonal impulse: the rites of spring

spring is both an impulse and an invitation. an awakening, a time of greening and abundance as the re-vitalizing energies of growth are flowing through the earth, and all living beings.

on a personal level, during spring time i feel the slow but sure inner transformation. my creative force is radiating outwards. i yearn to release the potential energy. my soul is springing forth…

I feel the force of cosmic life:
Thus speaks my clarity of thought,
Recalling its own spirit growth
Through nights of cosmic darkness,
And to the new approach of cosmic day
It turns its inward rays of hope   

(calender of the soul, rudolf steiner 1912 – 1913)

an inward and outward movement reflected by the evocative fertile atmosphere of dark, moody clouds juxtaposed with a verdant landscape made vivid  from bright sunlight. the season of rainbows, of promise.  refreshing showers one moment and thrilling sunshine the next.  wellies on, wellies off…!

gateway to summer 2012

more heralds of spring lure me on, wandering down blossoming green lanes, the pagan aroma of the hawthorn, the sound of the cuckoo. and this time of year finds me renewing my vows. vows of sovereignty, my pledge to the earth, our mother who nourishes us.

spring is the season of balance encompassing the equinox, and so I am finding equilibrium, until the balance is tipped towards summer, and the dance of Beltane when the may tree comes to flower…

hawthorn in may 2012

next weeks story ‘the cuckoo and the giant hawthorn’