Balancing Hormones with Herbs

As women many of our life events are shaped by our hormones – very often we may feel at the mercy of our endocrine system. Hormones are so intimately connected with our wellbeing that it makes sense to learn to live in tune with our cycles and rock our rhythms!
All seasons of womanhood and their importance are addressed by herbal healing and holistic coaching. All of the imbalances that can occur during a woman’s menstruating years and beyond into menopause, can be healed and balanced. Although holistic herbalism seeks to treat the individual and not the disease or symptoms, it is helpful to have an idea of the kind of imbalances that can be resolved:

Menstrual Imbalances – PCOS, PMS, PMDD, Endometriosis, Fibroids, heavy, painful, irregular, absent menses etc, headaches and migraines, Endocrine Disorders and Adrenal Support, Conditions of the Reproductive organs.

Fertility and the Childbearing Cycle…Pregnancy… Wow! How that changes us…forever…in our bodies, our lives, minds and hearts. I offer conception support through herbs, diet and lifestyle, support for healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth, lactation and holistic postpartum care of the mother.

Then after of all that, there is the transition that (hopefully!) sees us become wiser, peaceful more powerful women…Menopausal challenges – hot flushes, night sweats, and threshold phenomenon such as anxiety, depression and loss of libido.

What happens in a holistic herbal session?
After listening to your health history and present health imbalance, a bespoke herbal treatment may be formulated to support and harmonise your individual constitution and natural optimum state of wellbeing. Herbs facilitate healing in a cellular, whole being and synergistic way. They work within the flow of your individual rhythms.
I use a select palette of herbs which means that there are likely to be no more than 5 herbs in each prescription, less ideally. Working more deeply with fewer herbs cultivates a simpler and more profound healing impulse. We are more able to discern the benefits of each one
I work with western and eastern botanical medicines that are known to support women’s wellbeing. Herbs and nutrition are also used to support the systems of the body to balance, cleanse and restore natural good health.
Herbalism and natural healing offers an insightful and sensitive treatment for the cyclic nature of women. The coaching aspect of the treatment process focuses on a deeper, meaningful experience of your natural menstrual and fertility cycle. Increasing awareness as to how it influences your wellbeing and how to harness this rhythm for healing and creative living. Learning how to chart your cycle and work with your natural tendencies at each threshold (pre ovulation, ovulation, pre menstruation and menstruation) offers the opportunity to reclaim your natural feminine vitality and girl power!

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